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Mining Progress

57.816336058123% Complete
57.8163% Complete (dcDXN 2,896,598 of 5,010,000)

Cycles (days) Until Last Reward

2.1431727794962% Complete
2.1432% Complete (Cycle 486 of 22,630)

dcXEN Burn (Total)

$17.00 USD

DOGE Accrued (Total)

$2.25 USD

Protocol $ Flow (Total)

$19.25 USD

Batches (Total)


Unique Minters (Total)


dcDXN Rewards (To Date)

2,896,598.44 dcDXN
dcXEN Burn (This Cycle)
$0.00 USD
DOGE Accrued (This Cycle)
$0.01 USD
Protocol $ Flow (This Cycle)
$0.01 USD
Batches (This Cycle) 0
Unique Minters (This Cycle)
dcDXN Reward (This Cycle)
4,218.3664 dcDXN

0.0009163 $

dcDXN Value in USD (2024-07-13 16:01 EST)

Current Price

1,101,360.92 dcDXN $1,009.18

Claimed dcDXN Rewards (Total)

1,318.17 DOGE $0.45

Claimed DOGE Fees (All Time)


Smart Contract Interactions

0.00 dcDXN 0.00%

Pending Stake

2,102,401.35 dcDXN 72.48%

Currently Staked

dcDXN Price

DOGE Stats - Claimed Fees, Accrued Fees & DOGE in Smart Contract

Daily dcXEN Burn Chart

    (in Billion dcXEN, since genesis)

Daily Unique Participants

    (since genesis)

Daily dcDXN Reward Claiming

    (since genesis)

Cycle Fees Per Stake (summed)

Sum of previous total cycle accrued fees divided by cycle stake

Summed Cycle Stakes

Total unclaimed token reward and stake

Daily dcDXN Reward per Cycle

Total token rewards allocated per cycle

dcDXN Reward Calculator (Current Cycle, At the time of Entry)

  * - Information presented here does not constitute financial advice. All provided values are estimates at the time of entry!
dcXEN Batches To Burn (2,500,000 dcXEN per batch)
2,500,000 dcXEN

Gwei (at the time of entry):
Last Transaction: Gwei: 256.00 at Gas Price: 114,004

Transaction Cost (DOGE)   * (Partially Refunded)

Est. dcDXN Reward   *
(at the moment, this cycle only)
Est. Protocol Fee Reward (DOGE)   *
(at the moment, this cycle only)


TOP 100 - Burners (All Time)

Rank Address dcXEN Burn Est. Cost of dcXEN Batches dcXEN Burn % (of Total)
10x7b6922 ... Aca41BE527,500,000,000$3.6611,00021.529789%
20x603BD7 ... Fb29b3a326,027,500,000$3.4610,41120.376967%
30x084Fe1 ... D670e97A21,475,000,000$2.868,59016.812808%
40xdB7223 ... 3a1c4cc011,000,000,000$1.464,4008.611916%
50xb11073 ... Dde3B99910,300,000,000$1.374,1208.063885%
60xF89EF3 ... 25A5fde65,562,500,000$0.742,2254.354889%
70x4646A8 ... 69d51e845,110,000,000$0.682,0444.000626%
80xb3E38F ... 47f2B3335,000,000,000$0.672,0003.914507%
90x104e1e ... 0D38cd285,000,000,000$0.672,0003.914507%
100xafF21d ... 9Ee556dF3,180,000,000$0.421,2722.489627%
110x300A79 ... 3878CDA81,750,000,000$0.237001.370078%
120x49583d ... 229EaEaa972,500,000$0.133890.761372%
130x839551 ... b29385c7887,500,000$0.123550.694825%
140x4AA060 ... 9199cf45707,500,000$0.092830.553903%
150xB9007E ... EF4ab243702,500,000$0.092810.549988%
160xeE43b5 ... 57497C95500,000,000$0.072000.391451%
170x307068 ... 5D04f317390,000,000$0.051560.305332%
180x0e5588 ... 80D62161330,000,000$0.041320.258357%
190xAAB445 ... ad82c50A300,000,000$0.041200.234870%
200x4dEE40 ... f8d4df63192,500,000$0.03770.150709%
210x8ad03d ... 14781Def182,500,000$0.02730.142880%
220xD5E4fa ... 24Ea86f1177,500,000$0.02710.138965%
230xE9BD09 ... 7c1FDece80,000,000$0.01320.062632%
240x82cB74 ... a386F01a77,500,000$0.01310.060675%
250xe6079B ... 238f5b7A60,000,000$0.01240.046974%
260x2897e5 ... cffaCE9D60,000,000$0.01240.046974%
270xB644a8 ... B248Db4630,000,000$0.00120.023487%
280x09B693 ... F1676eCe27,500,000$0.00110.021530%
290x6660F0 ... BaDEc1cC27,500,000$0.00110.021530%
300xf81474 ... B9f3c3e227,500,000$0.00110.021530%
310x731a63 ... F924c7Ce25,000,000$0.00100.019573%
320x14F8F9 ... b106153D25,000,000$0.00100.019573%
330xa907b9 ... D959ee5A15,000,000$0.0060.011744%
340xb7E943 ... 9791276b7,500,000$0.0030.005872%
350xF341B6 ... 9ef0DFeC7,500,000$0.0030.005872%
360xE27Cb2 ... CE2b0E495,000,000$0.0020.003915%
370xcF9D87 ... 4d4497305,000,000$0.0020.003915%
380xbD4DCB ... D17841442,500,000$0.0010.001957%

Burners (Current Cycle) - Searchable

* - Provided values are estimates at the time of entry and will change as more participans enter the cycle! Information presented here does not constitute financial advice, and we do not assume any responsibility for any financial decisions based on the information below.

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Rank Address Pool Entries TX(s) Cost *
Partially Refunded (- protocol fee)
Average TX Gwei * dcXEN Burn dcXEN Burn Cost * Burn Batches Pool %
(this cycle)
Pool %
(this burn from all staked)
dcDXN Reward * dcDXN Reward Value * DOGE Reward *
(this burn/cycle)
DOGE Reward Value *
(this burn/cycle)