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What is XEN Crypto?

XEN is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that truly adopts the first principles of crypto.

It offers a range of benefits to its users:

Anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can connect to the XEN smart protocol and mint XEN tokens via xen.network website.


All actions are visible and accountable & all code is open-source and available.

The absence of pre-allocation or fee structures benefiting the creator (in the system design) eliminates concerns over ambiguous use and ensures fair usage.


Transactions of XEN occur on a distributed, public ledger.


Transactions on the XEN network are immutable, making it impossible for any entity to manipulate, replace, or falsify data stored on the network.


XEN operates on a trustless principle, indicating that users need not place trust in any third parties like banks, individuals, or intermediaries for their crypto transactions or holdings.
No owner or initial stakeholder benefits from user transactions, maintaining a fair and equitable ecosystem for all participants.


XEN allows users to have complete control over their digital assets through self-custody. Users control the private key(s) of their own wallet(s), which ensures that only they have the possession of their XEN or other digital assets.

Free mint

XEN allows users to mint XEN tokens for free in perpetuity, without the need to exchange any form of value to acquire XEN tokens. Users only need to pay for gas (transaction fees) when interacting with the protocol.

Lowest barriers to entry

XEN removes unnecessary obstacles for adoption by reducing the amount of steps needed to interact with the blockchain protocol. All anyone needs is a smartphone and an internet connection to mint XEN.

Accelerates crypto adoption

Anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can connect to the XEN smart protocol and mint XEN tokens via xen.network website.

Easy to participate

XEN has made it very simple for any new user to participate with minimal pre-qualifications and prior knowledge of crypto.


XEN aims to achieve a significantly higher level of decentralization than any other digital asset, through its design features and adoption.

Transactional friendly

XEN token is intended to be optimal for peer-to-peer exchange, making it a medium of exchange.

A minimal amount of code

The XEN protocol is streamlined for its purpose, consisting of less than 400 lines of code in total, which ensures efficiency, lower transaction fees, broader understanding, as well as fewer points of failure.

Viral tokenomics

The XEN mint formula is designed to incentivize maximum adoption of the protocol through the rank delta function, time-dependent reward amplifier, and the early adopter amplification factor.

Delayed gratification

XEN incentivizes users to delay their gratification by prolonging minting through the activation of the XEN mint formula, creating a sustainable, less volatile and more robust network effect.

Yield optimization

XEN protocol’s mint formula and stake function make it easier than ever to optimize yield with minimal requirement of previous knowledge of crypto or investing and fewer components needed to adjust for optimal yield per interacted wallet address.