XEN Crypto Calculator

103.26 Million
Set Sliders to Current XEN (ETH) Values
Number of wallet addresses (user created or on-chain created by the XEN Torrent contract).VMUs / Accounts (1-500)
Info icon. Lenght of minting in full days.Mint Term (1-1,000 days)
Info icon. Represents the daily number of addresses (new users) that decided to mint XEN after your claimRank transaction.Daily New Users (0-1m, step: 1k)
Info icon. Time-dependent constant, decreasing (by one) every day after Genesis Time.AMP (0-3,000 days)
Info icon. Incentive rate for the early adopters that starts at 10% and decreases by 0.1% every time Global Rank increases by 100k.EAA (1-10, step:0.1)